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Policies with Claims Total Under $100k


Short Term Medical Premium Savings vs. Obamacare


Short Term Medical Applications Approved

Which Policies are Right For You?

Individuals and families may qualify for a Premium Tax Credit and Cost Sharing to help pay for  health insurance premium and out of pocket expenses.  Good candidates for this option are:


  • Those with low household incomes, between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Line (check)
  • Those with pre-existing conditions
  • Those with expensive medications
  • Those planning to have a surgery in the near future
  • Mothers requiring maternity and newborn care

Ideal for those with household incomes OVER 400% of Federal Poverty Line and …


  • Have pre-existing conditions
  • Have expensive medications
  • Are planning to have a surgery in the near future
  • Are mothers requiring maternity and newborn care
  • Have higher incomes and don’t want to pay the 2.5% tax penalty for not having insurance

Those who feel they won’t utilize the Obamacare benefits enough to justify the cost should consider Short Term Medical.  This is a good option for individuals and families…


  • Looking to pay over 50% less than Obamacare premiums
  • Without pre-existing conditions
  • Not needing maternity or newborn care
  • Making infrequent doctor or hospital visits
  • With inexpensive or no prescriptions.

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